2-Minute Overview – What is an AI Model?”


Embark on a journey to grasp the essence of AI in just 2 minutes!

Imagine a radio with a single knob – turn left for more noise, turn right for less. We adjust it until the noise is just right. Now, picture another radio with a billion knobs. How do we tune a billion knobs? Humans might struggle, but this radio does it automatically. This self-adjusting “radio” with a billion knobs is Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a computer that fine-tunes a myriad of parameters.

Why a billion knobs? Unlike regular radios tuned for broadcasts, this computer’s task is text generation. More knobs result in better outcomes. However, calling it a “radio” becomes inaccurate. Henceforth, we’ll refer to it as an (AI) computer.


These knobs control the generation of text. But how does the computer adjust them?

Firstly, the adjustment process demands a plethora of sentences, sourced from books or the internet. The computer’s role is to “read” these sentences continuously. During this “reading” process, it is tasked with incessantly “answering” questions, predicting the next words based on the first half of the sentence.

For instance, given the context, which option is more likely to follow?

“Teacher entered the classroom, opened the podium with”

A. “Jumping” B. “Window” C. “Lesson Plan”

The machine might choose C because in its extensive “reading,” it found “Lesson Plan” often appearing alongside “Teacher,” “Classroom,” and “Podium.” The knob is adjusted to maximize the probability of selecting “Lesson Plan.”

After revealing the correct answer, “Teacher entered the classroom, opened the podium with the lesson plan, and turned to page 7,” the machine earns a point for a correct answer and continues guessing.

Each correct guess earns a point, while incorrect ones result in deductions. After calculating the score, the computer must adjust the billion knobs to make the generated words closer to the original text. The closer the match, the higher the score – striving for perfection.



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