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Since its establishment, the AI-Forces professional team has continued to provide professional AI consulting and development services to a broad global customer base.
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With pragmatism as the basis and technology as the core, we have successfully completed more than 100 AI case practices for partners from different countries.

We Are Experienced

In the field of AI services, customized AI consulting and development services are the key to success. Therefore, we are always committed to continuously improving the team’s knowledge and capabilities in AI services and technology, with pragmatism as the basis and technology as the core.

Our AI consulting and technical services are always oriented to customer needs, aiming to provide efficient and rapidly deployed solutions in a short time, creating greater value and competitive advantages for customers and end users.

team of expert

Team of Expert

We Have An Excellent Talent Echelon

We have a doctoral-level think tank from the world’s top universities such as Stanford University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a team of top engineers from large enterprises such as Huawei and Tencent. Our team members all have at least 5 years of relevant technical experience.

The AI-Forces team elite covers various positions such as:

The team values ​​are diverse and open. We share technical experience with each other and allow the team to achieve goals together.

We Continually Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations

We are not just committed to delivering a system, but we dig into every detail to ensure it fully meets our customers’ needs. Project quality is not just about meeting, but exceeding customer expectations. From initial conception, to actual development, to perfect delivery, we always work closely with customers and adjust strategies in a timely manner to ensure that every delivery is the pursuit and interpretation of excellence.

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